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Ryad in his "dynamic" version, reminds us of the slogan "Thumb I pass!" with his arm in horizontal posi-tion and his thumb raised".

A child safety bollard placed on both sides of the protected crossings and which reinforces the safety of pedestrian children in front of schools, he signals to drivers the approach of a school, a kindergarten, or a nursery. It is often accompanied by its friend Assya's "dynamic" bollard.

A playful but very effective way of ensuring good signage for the safety and protection of schoolchildren in the vicinity of all risk areas.

Ryad "dynamic", with his arm horizontal and his thumb raised, encourages caution and slowingdown. It contributes to better prevention and protection of child pedestrians and thus limits the number of acci-dents involving young pedestrians. A strong visual impact for a reinforced effectiveness.

Ryad "Dynamic" is visible from afar and quickly becomes a "friend" of schoolchildren. Once installed, this safety bollard, made of fibreglass and very resistant polyether resin, is designed to last and ensure its role as a signpost for the safety and protection of children leaving school for many years, without altering and

  • Size above ground: height 63 inch, width 17.72 inch, thickness 14.17 inch
  • Weight : 458 ounce
  • Materials : fibreglass / polyester resin
  • Room-tinted gelcoat
  • Reflective text « THANK » / reflective wrist and leg bands
  • Fixing to the ground by burying and sealing the base plate in a concrete mass after excavation of 31.5 x 15.75 x 11.81 inches
  • Floor space 27.56 x 6.3 inches

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