Specialist in signage for the protection and safety of children in front of schools.

SERAC Signalisation offers a complete range of composite road sign products to enhance road safety and protect children around schools. Already situated in front of several thousand school buildings in France and Belgium, SERAC Signalisation's products and solutions for road safety take an active part in preventing road accident for walking children, to the delight of parents and elected officials. Its best known products are the 3D characters ""Arthur"" and ""Zoe"" who strengthen road signposting ahead of pedestrian crossings in front of schools. Made of composite materials, SERAC road signalling products present the advantage of being very resistant, as well as lightweight and easy to install, all at a reasonable cost.

SERAC Signalisation is the distribution brand for products dedicated to road safety, designed and manufactured by SERAC COMPOSITE.

Conception et réalisation de pièces en matériaux composites - Serac Composite

Specialist for more than 25 years in composite materials, SERAC COMPOSITE ensures the design, the prototyping and the manufacture of parts in fiberglass, carbon, resin... for the world of sports, leisure, medical equipment, automotive, leisure , industrial equipment, etc., and road safety for prevention near schoolchildren.